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Corporate Profile

About HPH (formerly known as PUYI)

Established in 2010, Highest Performances Holdings Inc. (“HPH” )(formerly known as Puyi Inc.) is dedicated to becoming a leading provider for intelligent home and enterprise services. Guided by the mission to enhance the quality of life for all families, HPH focuses on two core driving forces: “technological intelligence” and “capital investments,” with a global strategic perspective. It identifies high-quality enterprises with potential on a global scale and engages in investment and operations in areas such as asset allocation, education and study tours, cultural tours, sports events, healthcare and elderly care, and family governance.

HPH currently owns Fanhua Inc., a leading technology-driven financial services platform in China and Fanhua Puyi Fund Distribution Co., Ltd., a leading independent wealth management service provider in China. It has signed an agreement to acquire controlling interests in Singapore White Lingjun Pte. Ltd.

HPH was formerly known as Puyi Inc., and it was renamed on March 13, 2024 to reflect its strategic transformation.